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High-precision machining and bar turning since 1896

With more than 100 years of experience as subcontractor in cutting-edge sectors like aircraft, space, medical or defense, and a park of 180 machines for 32 machining technologies, Britte-Mustad is more than a subcontractor. Britte-Mustad follows you since the conception, through the prototype production and industrialization, till the production series.

Thank to its center localization in Europe and its multilingual (French, German, English and Dutch), its supply chain is able to deliver 40% turnover in 15 countries including USA and China.

Britte-Mustad is a member of Mustad United Group founded in 1832.



32 technologies

  • NC turning

  • 4 & 5 axis NC milling

  • horizontal NC milling

  • conventional milling

  • semi-numeric and conventional turning

  • flat & cylindrical, in-feed or through-feed centerless grinding or thread grinding

  • honing, final grinding and punching

  • wire and hobbing spark-erosion

  • deep hole drilling

  • lapping

  • mobile or fixed headstock NC bar turning, single or multi-spindle

  • cam multi-spindle bar turning

  • non-destructive testing: penetrant inspection, proof-testing, contactless inspection, 3D inspection, nital attack

  • assembly & testing of electromechanical and hydraulic assemblies, including timers

  • design and production of inspection tools

  • laser engraving

  • dressing and finishing aeronautical, space and hydraulic components

Engine components manufactured in our workshops equip nearly 30,000 aircraft engines around the world

Every two seconds a plane takes off with engine parts produced in our workshops

Each flight of the Ariane rocket lifts off thanks to engine components produced by Mustad & Britte

Nearly 8,000 m² of workshops dedicated to the precision machining, producing either individual components or up to several million parts annually for cutting-edge sectors such as:

  • space

  • aeronautique

  • defense

  • machine construction

  • medical

  • transport

  • energy

From 3 mm to 800 mm in diameter, from the most common to the most exotic materials, from single components to production series, our technicians develop production procedures to manufacture parts whose complexity can require up to 40 different operations.




Rigour and concern for customer satisfaction at every stage of production

Our supply chain delivers 20,000,000 parts throughout Europe, but also to the USA and China.

To secure delivery time and flexibility, we have 3,000,000 part in stock.

To make that important difference, we place HUMANS at the heart of our project


More than 140 technicians who are passionate about precision mechanics are at work every day to satisfy our customers

To ensure its competitiveness, Mustad & Britte have developed a long-standing and ambitious investment policy based on modern production methods and an infrastructure modelled on the 4.0 plant concept


Dressing and finishing components for the space and aeronautical sectors

Participation in the design and assembly of frequently complex electromechanical assemblies and 100% testing

MUSTAD & BRITTE is an Eco-responsible company focused on the future

Two production sites 20 km apart

A site that is ideally located in a German-speaking region, 10 km from Aachen, 25 km from Maastricht, 25 km from Liège and geared towards the production of precision mechanical parts in series of 1000 to 18,000,000 parts per year. Two essential technologies, bar turning and milling for demanding industries in the defence, aeronautics, space, medical, machine manufacturing, connectivity, luxury, sports or energy sectors.

A site in the Liège region essentially produces small series for the aeronautics, space and defence industries. From engine parts for the Ariane rocket to components for nearly 30,000 aircraft engines around the world, its technical expertise and range of specialist technologies make it a true process designer capable of industrialising the most complex products for the most demanding sectors.

Our values


More than simple words, our values determine our strategy and actions on a daily basis in order to build a better future.



MUSTAD & BRITTE in a few figures

  • 200
    More than 200 machining tools
  • 140
    More than 140 employees
  • 100
    More than 100 years of existance
  • 32
    32 machining and non-destructive inspection technologies
  • 16
    A turnover in excess of 16,000,000 euros
  • 7
    7 specialised trades in one company
  • 0,001
    Precision in series production of up to 0.001 mm

More than 150 years of history ...

Mustad & Britte are subsidiaries of the Mustad United family group founded in Norway in 1832 by Ole Mustad.

Christian, Clarin and Eduardo Mustad are the 100% shareholders of the Mustad Group but also of the Mustad International Group and the Mustad Hoofcare Group.

In total, the turnover exceeds 500 million euros from the different sectors of very diversified, yet exclusively industrial activities.